The Supreme Courtís attack on tribal sovereignty (NEW YORK) -- Over the last 20 years, the Supreme Court has led a massive assault on tribal sovereignty. Although it has acted to affirm expansive tribal powers over tribal members, it has substantially curtailed tribal power over non-members, including both non-Indians and Indians who are not tribal members.

Native woman heads up law school (OKLAHOMA) -- The new director of Oklahoma City Universityís Native American Legal Resource Center (NALRC) is planning to bear down on the crisis of domestic violence in Indian communities. Itís a problem she knows about first-hand.

Search for sovereignty: Protecting tribes from the Supreme Court (BOSTON) -- Under the shadow of a U.S. Supreme Court that "doesnít get it," the field of American Indian law is turning an ear to critics of the U.S. constitutional system who seek deeper roots for tribal self-rule.

Law and politics in Indian country (NEW YORK) -- There is no question that indigenous peoples enjoyed sovereignty. They made their own laws and rules and they had power to enforce those laws.

Court rules against Coyote Valley on compacts (CALIFORNIA) -- The state did not act in bad faith when placing tax and labor requirements into a gaming compact with the Coyote Valley Band of Pomo Indians, a U.S. District court ruled this week, upholding a lower court ruling.

Court says Mohawk Indian casino pact is invalid (NEW YORK) -- New York governors cannot bypass the Legislature when authorizing Indian tribes to establish casinos, the state's highest court decided Thursday.

State Supreme Court asks Doyle to respond to gaming lawsuit (WISCONSIN) -- The state Supreme Court ordered Democratic Gov. Jim Doyle Thursday to respond to a lawsuit filed by Republican legislators challenging his authority to negotiate tribal gaming compacts.

Davis Administration Dealt Fairly With Tribes Over Gambling Compacts, Ninth Circuit Panel Rules (CALIFORNIA) -- Gov. Gray Davis and other state officials acted in good faith during negotiations with California Indian tribes that preceded the adoption of Proposition 1A, the constitutional amendment that allows tribes to conduct Las Vegas-style wagering in the state, the Ninth U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals ruled yesterday.

Navajo death penalty stand still clouded (ARIZONA) -- Letters from Navajo Nation lawyers to U.S. attorneys in New Mexico and Arizona outline the reasons that the tribe has never "opted in" to capital punishment as a penalty for the worst crimes committed on the reservation.

Oklahoma tribe sues for return to state (NEW YORK) -- The Seneca-Cayuga of Oklahoma lodged a lawsuit in federal court Wednesday to gain the right to return to New York and to reclaim their former reservation land.

Court Rules on Indian Tribal Searches (WASHINGTON) (AP) - Indian tribes may not sue authorities to stop searches under a federal civil rights law, the Supreme Court ruled Monday, sidestepping the larger issue of whether tribes have immunity from searches.

Rulings muddle tribal issues (CALIFORNIA) -- Two Sacramento court rulings have further confused the already thorny issue of whether California Indian tribes must abide by state campaign finance laws.

Analysis: Supreme Court hears arguments in Inyo County v. Paiute Shoshone Indians (WASHINGTON, DC) -- Those at the U.S. Supreme Court argument in the Paiute Shoshone case may have been disappointed that it was not a forthright trading of volleys over state versus tribal rights.

Supreme Court considers American Indian sovereignty issue (WASHINGTON, DC) -- Justice Antonin Scalia challenged the concept of tribal sovereignty Monday while other members of the U.S. Supreme Court pondered whether a state is authorized to seize records from an American Indian casino.


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